Story of Fathers Football

Fathers Football Story

The Fathers Football Tower Hamlets project began in March 2012. The project is based around local primary schools and encourages fathers to participate in football sessions and tournaments for their own personal wellbeing while at the same time building the links into their children’s schools with the purpose of encouraging them to attend classroom sessions, parent/child school activities, ‘fathers forums’ and social events within the life of the school. The project, with support from seven local churches, the local council and twelve local schools, has more than eighty dads participating. The relationships built with the dads have led to a greater trust, respect and cohesion amongst families across the community

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One dad who joined the project last year had recently been made redundant and suddenly found himself out of work with nothing to do. Fathers Football offered him a chance to break his week up as he began to search again for a new job. It allowed him to make new friendships and live a healthier life style. After several months he went back to college and we saw less and less of him before he went back into full time employment. He did join our Saturday morning church based community football programme. His wife was constantly telling us how much he enjoyed the football and how much it meant to him.” Fathers Football Player

“My husband didn’t know any Bengalis before he went to football. Now he talks to his Bengali friends in the playground and in the streets. His English is better since he did the FA Level 1 Course” Iffrah wife of Yusuf