Genesis Football

Genesis Football specifically works with marginalised and vulnerable adults. Please check out the video below:

It’s given me a sense of purpose, it’s helped me get to know people. On the Street you can feel lonely, I come to play football but also love to see everyone. I’ve made some good friends, having lunch together after playing can feel like a family occasion.

The discussions are great, they’ve opened my eyes to live in the right way. It’s a breath of fresh air, I was disrespecting myself really. I was into extreme heavy drinking before, I don’t smoke half as much now either. It’s helpful having people believe in you.” Dave, Genesis Player

Genesis Football is all about new beginnings. It’s a place where people who have found themselves in the depressing cycles of unemployment, homelessness and addiction can come. Football is the draw but also the tool, as many situations arise in training and matches that can be used to challenge negative behaviour and reinforce good character. We aim to support players in setting goals to become the best they can be whilst encouraging and acknowledging every small progression along the way. For many, Genesis is the place they make new friends, explore faith, find structure and discover opportunities to progress. The goal is more than to find employment or education; it is to develop as a person, family member and member of society. Each year we see people turn their lives around by confronting addictions, rejecting crime and finding employment as they realise the potential within them.

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The Genesis project in Whitechapel started in 2008 born out of a partnership between Good Shepherd Mission, Booth House Salvation Army hostel and the Whitechapel Mission. It has reached over 300 men, many of whom were sleeping rough when they first joined the project. We provide kit to train in, a hot meal afterwards, mentoring and a chance to explore the Bible as we look at how to live in the right way. Since 2008 we have seen some amazing transformations. Just this year we have had 12 players achieve qualifications whilst part of the team and have seen several go on to employment.

How to get involved?

Ambassadors can provide trainingresources and support for churches to start using football to engage with the marginalised.


Here is a list of some churches who are already involved in Genesis:

Booth House Salvation Army     Good Shepherd Mission     Glasgow City Mission

East End Church     Diocese of Rochester     St John’s Chatham