The Oldhams’ Disciples – John Hope Barry

John Hope Barry became a Christian after attending church meetings in his local community centre. He quickly developed a passion for reaching the lost people on his estate and decided that the best way to go about this was by starting a football team. And so, in partnership with his local church, Oldhams’ Disciples FC was born.

“The church really embraced the idea and became the biggest supporters,” John said, “The team is a friendly environment where all feel welcome.”

The Oldhams’ Disciples FC came to Ambassadors’ National Christian Football Festival (NCFF) for the first time in July 2019. The NCFF is a tournament that lasts two days and is packed full of matches and other social activities.The Disciples lost every game and by the end of the weekend had only scored 1 goal and had 9 fit players left. Despite this they continued till the end, playing with passion and enjoying their time with the other 13 teams.

“It was a such a good opportunity to go away with the men” John said “they often don’t get a chance to get out of our estate, never mind Bolton.”

The sportsmanship award is the biggest trophy of the weekend, given to the one player that impresses the referees and organisers by the way they act on and off the field. In 2019, for the first time, it was presented to the whole Oldhams’ Disciples team.Oldhams’ Disciples were the first team to register for NCFF 2020.Ambassadors Football loves to support teams through the tournaments we run. They are always a catalyst for the support we give during the year and over 70 teams like Oldhams’ Disciples register for both the NCFF and London Churches Football Tournament.

NCFF is running from 17-18th of July. If you’d like to field a team or are interested in being put in one, please check out our tournaments page HERE.