Each year Ambassadors Football partners with local churches to deliver quality faith-based Football Camps.

Whilst many young people today would never dream of stepping foot into a church, a football pitch is a different story. We want to break down that barrier and reach children through the sport that they love, teaching them about Jesus in the process. Our heart for Camps is to help players realise their full potential in football, but more importantly, in God.

‘Thank you, I could not keep him away if I tried. It was such a caring environment and I had total trust as a parent that you were keeping him safe and that he would have a great time. The footy skills being learned were great and the way a bible story was presented to them helped them to think about life lessons beyond football that i’m sure will also help them be better players on the pitch and off.’ – Parent Loughborough Holiday Camp

Camps include loads of activities, these range from technical sessions to testimonies, Bible times, small-sided games and competitions.

The church connection is key as they are able to invest in individual’s lives throughout the year in a way we can’t. We want to be flexible around what you envision for your church. Whether you want to run a Camp during school holidays, over a weekend or even just for a few days we are happy to support your vision. Ambassadors can help you plan your programme from start to finish and our aim is to set you up for success in hosting and delivering a great Camp. We believe camps work best when they are integrated into a longer-term plan for your community and so we will discuss ways of making that possible.

“10 kids started attending the Sunday school as a result. One of the children that has started to attend the Sunday school’s older sister and mother have started to attend church with the older sister joining the church youth group.” East End Church

How To Get Involved?

Are you a church interested in running a Camp? Would you like to come along and see one in action? Do you want more information or just have a few questions? Whatever the reason, get in touch. We would love to chat with you and share in the vision you have. Please contact Rob at [email protected]

You can also have a look at our Camp Information Pack