Adult Football


Adult Football

“Being a team sport that you can play all year round, outside in all weathers, almost anywhere with just a ball and some jumpers means we can and have played it almost anywhere we’ve been together. It provides opportunities to gather, team build, compete together and travel which allows us to get to know one another, care for each other and pray for each other. We share what we are doing and this includes church events and volunteer work we are involved in and invite one another to try things out together.” Lara Haggar, St Marks Battersea.

Playing football is a great way to build trust and friendships with men and women in your community. Not only does it enable us to reach out and support others, but it also creates a way of sharing Jesus with people and seeing lives transformed. All you need to start is a football and jumpers for goalposts. We would love to help you get started.

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How to get involved?

Ambassadors can provide trainingresources and support for churches to start using football to engage with adults.


Here is a list of a few of the churches who are already involved in Adult Football:

St Pauls Crofton     Hope Vauxhall     Bethnal Green Mission      East End Church      St Thomas’s Church

London City Mission     Hayes Lane Baptist Church      Salvation Army      St Paul’s Shadwell

St John’s West Wickham     St Mark’s Battersea     Christ Church Mayfair

Oldham’s Disciples     Newcastle Baptist Church