This is the 20th annual London Churches Football Tournament. The adult and the children tournaments run on different days due to their size, last year we had 28 children’s teams, which was the biggest so far. Due to the Euros we are holding both tournaments in May.

The aims of the tournament are to provide an opportunity for people to hear the Gospel, encourage fellowship and provide a quality tournament to support your church outreach.

For walking and women’s football, we allow individual entries. You can enter on your own or as a smaller number of players. On the day you will be put in a team. If there are 2-3 from the same church, we will put you together, please make sure you use the same church name as you enter.

Since 2018 we have been able to keep team entry costs the same, sadly due to rising costs we are having to increase for all categories. We do run our tournaments as non profit.  If this increase will impact your church entering a team, please do get in touch.

U10, U12, U14, U16s
£70 per team if paid in full before 31st March
£80 after 31st March
Teams can be mixed with boys and girls.

£80 per team
or £8 per player before 31st March
£90 & £10 after 31st March
Ages 16+

£110 per team before 31st March
£125 after 31st March
Ages 16+

£80 per team
or £8 per player before 31st March
£90 & £10 after 31st March
Women 40+, Men 50+

*Timings are subject to change depending on your progress in the tournament and number of teams entered. They include talk/presentations.

We use an online booking process for teams. We run our tournaments as non profit so are charging £1.50 booking fee per team or 80p fee per individual.
If you pay via bank transfer, you can remove the booking fee.

What people are saying about the London Churches Football Tournament…

“My kids loved the talk at the end. They all wanted to grab a Bible and gospel booklet.”

“Great day for all of the Church, we had over 30 of us watching our team in the final. Several of my team mentioned that the talk had a positive impact and they had reached out to a few friends as a result.”

“All of the children and parents had a great day; and parents on the edge of the church are closer in.”

If you have any questions or queries please contact Stephen on [email protected] or 07882 734450

Read our LCFT FAQ

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