We are a global organisation that connects people to Jesus through football


We want to:

  • Invest in churches – show churches how to serve their local communities through football
  • Invest in people – we want to mentor and train individuals to be confident Christians who can share their faith through football.
  • Share Jesus through football – we want to see many hear the good news of Jesus through football in Britain and around the world through investing in others to enable this to happen.

Our Big Goal: By 2027 we will partner with 800 churches in their disciple-making mission (we currently partner with approx. 434).

We will train 100 people through football to be effective Christ-followers.


Church: We uphold the long-term, transformative role of the Church in the world.

Team: We identify and collaborate with others in the pursuit of shared goals.

Innovation: We seek to develop ministry that engages the culture.

Servant Heart: We follow the example of Jesus by leading through service.

Those in need: We look to particularly work with those who are physically and spiritually in need.

We welcome you to read our Statement of Faith


Training churches & individuals: We believe in the local church and want to train them to transform lives and communities. We train volunteers, interns, staff and partners to be life-long disciples of Christ.

Community Football outreach (CFO): We run community football projects in partnership with the local church.

Events & Tours: We run events and tours to support community projects and all individuals to reach their full potential.

Why Football?

Football is played all over the world and has the power to bring people together, to break down barriers and build friendships to enable us to share faith and support.

“A coach will influence more people in a year than the average person will in a lifetime.” – Billy Graham

Sport has the power to change the world…” – Nelson Mandela

“Football brings people together. I always feel that it’s something that just happens naturally with football because you can just go into a bunch of strangers and you can get on with it because football’s its own language, its own vibe.” – Ian Wright