Name: Martin Bateman
Location: Lancashire     Team: Manchester United
Passion: To see people fulfil their full potential with the gifts God has given them
Roles: GB Director
Email:[email protected]
Twitter: @ambassadorsmb

Name: Stephen Donaldson
Location: Glasgow     Team: Arsenal
Passion: To win hearts for Christ. To disciple. To show love and care for those in society who need it most. To bring hope to the hopless.
Roles: Glasgow Genesis and Community Football Outreach
Email:[email protected]

Name: Sally Prentice
Location: Bolton     Team: England
Passion: Helping whenever and whoever I can!
Roles: Finance & Operations Director
Email:[email protected]

Name: Stephen Read
Location: London     Team: Arsenal
Passion: To support and encourage those using football in their communities. To see individuals live life to the full
Roles: Running events and tours, a local church club and communications
Email:[email protected] 

Name: Debbie Curtis
Location: Bolton     Team: I would say Manchester City as my husband supports them
Passion: To see people & communities transformed, saved and set free
Roles: Finance Administrator
Email:[email protected] 

Name: Claire Lunn-Rockliffe
Location: Lancashire     Team: Anyone who plays against Arsenal
Passion: Young people getting involved in sport and physical activity and loving it
Roles: Community Football Outreach – Women’s Football and Leadership Training
Email:[email protected]

Name: Dan Owen
Location: London     Team: Arsenal
Passion: Playing/ coaching football and seeing people realise their God given potential and begin to fulfil it
Roles: Community Football Leader (Genesis Football) and Internship coordinator
Email:[email protected]

Name: Rob Taylor
Location: Nottingham     Team: Aston Villa
Passion: Seeing football ministry remove barriers to the gospel, and local churches getting a vision for it
Roles: National Camp Coordinator and CFO worker 
Email: [email protected]

Name: Mark Prentice
Location: Bolton     Team: Liverpool
Passion: To utilise my I.T. and admin experience as far as possible in order to further the vision and spread the word of Ambassadors Football.
Roles: I.T. Support and admin
Email:[email protected]

We have British co-workers located overseas (4 continents) and part of our role within the global team of Ambassadors Football.