The Story of H

Below is the story of H, who is part of the Genesis project with the marginalised based at Good Shepherd Mission in Whitechapel. Every year we celebrate and honour members for personal achievements. We have a number of awards we present, one of which is the ‘Game Changer Award’, for those who turn their backs […]

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Ambassadors Holiday Clubs

Holiday Clubs GB Over the summer we held 5 Football Schools with local churches in their communities. We had 277 local children and youth attend with 32 volunteers assisting and experience how football can be used to transform lives. We are so thankful to hear of stories from the church as a result: “10 kids […]

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The World Needs a Father

The World Needs a Father training on helping us understand the value of being a father, and giving us the tools to train other men around them, so that as heaven splashes down in their home, the ripples flow through their community.

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