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Serving your local community through football outreach – could you be part of our team? Ambassadors always has opportunities for service – from 1 week to a lifetime! Take a small step with us to find out more about how God can work through you or consider joining our team long-term . We are looking for more than just footballers!


From one day, to one week, to one year, Ambassadors Football offers different opportunities to work alongside our longer-term staff. Out short-term opportunities provide people with a chance to gain experience and training in football outreach.

See all our short-term opportunities


Ambassadors Football has over 100 staff working in more than 25 countries. If you are looking to make a longer commitment to community football development then your first point of contact is our GB office – call us: 01204 364040 or email: gb@ambassadorsfootball.org

Positions are available for people to serve with Ambassadors Football around the world. A current lists of jobs available are listed below. Ambassadors want to support those with a passion for football outreach, so we would love to hear from you if you have a specific country or city you want to reach.

Administrative assistant – Bolton

Community Football Outreach workers – London & Lancaster

Database and Communications Manager

Ambassadors staff are expected to raise personal support.