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Serving your local community through football outreach – could you be part of our team? Ambassadors always has opportunities for service – from 1 week to a lifetime! Take a small step with us to find out more about how God can work through you or consider joining our team long-term . We are looking for more than just footballers!


From one day, to one week, to one year, Ambassadors Football offers different opportunities to work alongside our longer-term staff. Out short-term opportunities provide people with a chance to gain experience and training in football outreach.

See all our short-term opportunities


Ambassadors Football has over 100 staff working in more than 25 countries. If you are looking to make a longer commitment to community football development then your first point of contact is our GB office – call us: 01204 364040 or email: gb@ambassadorsfootball.org

Positions are available for people to serve with Ambassadors Football around the world. A current lists of jobs available are listed below. Ambassadors want to support those with a passion for football outreach, so we would love to hear from you if you have a specific country or city you want to reach.

Operations Manager

Morecambe office manager

Community Football Outreach workers – London & Lancaster

Ministry Partner Development (MPD) is the ongoing development of relationships made by workers with friends and family in order to generate prayer, financial support and encouragement. MPD is vital and important to us at Ambassadors Football. We expect all team members to develop, build and maintain a Ministry Partner Team around them to support them in their mission.