Short-Term Opportunities

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Camps (2-5 Days)

It was an incredible experience to be involved in an Ambassadors Camp. I loved seeing God at work in the lives of many young people who like myself also love football!’ Tim Parker Volunteer Coach

Camps range from 2-5 days and are hosted by a local church. Our heart for Camps is to help players realise their full potential in football but more importantly, in God. You can see more information on Camps. If you have coaching skills or want to develop them then we would love to have you volunteer with us.

To apply to be a volunteer please fill out the Ambassadors Football Volunteer Application 

If you have any questions please contact Rob at [email protected].

Internships (One Year)

 “The internship has given me the opportunity to explore, train and learn how football can effectively be used to serve communities and transform lives whilst also enabling me to grow in my own personal walk with God” James Yielder

One of our earliest training concepts was the internship programme run from our offices in England. An intern would come for one year to receive training from Ambassadors in all that we do on the football pitch, and also linked to a local church to. After one year there is the possibility of an intern staying on in the country in which they serve.

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Ambassadors Tours (1-6 weeks)

“The whole trip was a wonderful experience…What a privilege to work with fellow Christians who shared a great passion for football and Jesus…The best part was meeting & working with the kids of Urk village..” Mark Feruson 

“Playing and coaching at a refugee camp in Ghana was a life changing experience for me, seeing lives changed in a couple of hours through football was amazing” Ben Cutting

Ambassadors Football run playing and coaching tours across the world. You could be coaching and sharing your faith with children in the United States or playing a match in a stadium in Guinea Bissau on national television. Tours provide an opportunity to be trained, develop leadership and deepen your faith.

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