Ambassadors Holiday Clubs

posted by:sread  on10/20/2017

Holiday Clubs GB

Over the summer we held 5 Football Schools with local churches in their communities. We had 277 local children and youth attend with 32 volunteers assisting and experience how football can be used to transform lives. We are so thankful to hear of stories from the church as a result:

“10 kids have started attending the Sunday school as a result. One of the children that has started to attend the Sunday schools older sister and mother have started to attend church with the older sister joining the church youth group.”
One of the churches leaders had their children attend the week and she told us

“My three kids had never been to a football club before so didn’t know what to expect. They absolutely loved it. Everyday they came home saying it was ‘brilliant’, fantastic’, ‘awesome’. I was taken by surprise at how effective the holiday football club was at reaching out to the many families from different religious and cultural backgrounds.”

Holiday Clubs US

During the summer, Ambassadors US held 24 Football Schools across the United States in partnerships with local churches. They served over 1590 children and youth who were coached in football and in life through learning about Jesus. There were 70 coaches from 22 countries who were given experience and training in how to share faith through football and are now encouraged to continue when they return to their home church.

Here is a story from a mum “Yesterday when I picked up the boys from camp, Colby ran up to me and whispered in my ear “mom, I’m a Christian now”. He’s been raised in church and in a home where we try our best to point him to Jesus but having a place like a football school that lets my crazy active boy play a sport he loves AND mark the moment of his salvation, super awesome. They’re having such a great week!” 

We praise God for all the children who attended and pray that God and the church would continue to disciple.

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