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Ambassadors Football recognise that football clubs and academies can form the framework and provide the essential support for the game from grass roots up to the highest professional level. The Teams/Clubs/Academy concept has been fundamental in our development as an organisation and has been central to our methodology. When Ambassadors Football was established in 1990 in the UK, our first club was formed.

Today our involvement spreads the full breadth of team football from 5-a-side up to 11-a-side, from amateur level, up to semi pro and professional clubs.

At the heart of our vision is a desire for Teams/Clubs/Academies to form communities in partnership with the local church so that individuals can be supported and lives can be transformed on and off the pitch.

Ambassadors Football provide support to those involved in leading clubs by:

  • Providing resources for leaders to use and share faith
  • Providing well run tournaments
  • Providing internships and tours
  • Providing support – All Ambassadors staff have been involved in teams and love to support others. This can be help with coaching, meeting up to discuss and pray or being available via email or phone
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“Being part of a church football team gave the support I needed to turn my life around and grow in a deeper relationship with God.”
“The support of the team has been amazing at this difficult time of life. I am not sure how I would of coped without other guys around me”
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