Fathers Football

Award Winning Fathers Football

Ambassadors Football is rolling out their award winning Fathers Football project across Great Britain.

Here is a video from a Fathers Football Tournament

In 2013 the Fathers Football project won the Innovation Award, at the Beyond London 2012 Awards. The judges that gave the award said, “We have never seen a project that integrates so many men from different backgrounds and faiths”

“This has gone across the barriers and really made a difference to our school” Gill Ruskin, Family Support Worker

“A way of people hanging out together, living in peace. It is more than football, but about a reflection of the values of God’s Kingdom” Nick Coke, Salvation Army Officer

“I tell all my friends and family about Fathers Football because I enjoy and benefit from it so much. It’s great to build friendships with other dads and helps me be more active Fathers Football Player

“Fathers Football has been the best way to reach local dads from different backgrounds and cultures” Tom Carpenter, London City Mission

Click here to read the Story of Fathers Football.

The project is a great way to get in touch with local fathers, to build friendships, fellowship, trust, to provide opportunities to share, support and help fathers in their family and community. Please click here for further information on Why Fathers?

Fathers Football Team Photo     Fathers Football Player

Fathers Football Aims

The aims of the project are:

  1. To build friendship and trust with and among local fathers.
  2. To improve health and wellbeing.
  3. To encourage greater involvement in their family and community life.
  4. To see a positive transformation in personal life through sharing, mentoring and support.

How to get involved?

Ambassadors provide training, resources and support for the local church to use football to engage with local fathers. Here are some simple ways for you and your church to start a Fathers Football project in your community:

  1. Come and see a Fathers Football project.
  2. Run an Ambassadors Football training day, to help your volunteers and church deliver the project.
  3. Start your Fathers Football.
  4. Receive ongoing support via mentoring, resources and events.

Please contact Gareth Haddow on ghaddow@ambassadorsfootball.org for more information or to start your own Fathers Football project


Here is a list of churches who are already involved in Fathers Football projects.

E1 Community     St Pauls Shadwell     Bethnal Green Mission      St Lukes      St Helens Bishopgate

London City Mission     Café Forever – City of Peace     Salvation Army