Mission Vision Values

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To communicate the good news of Jesus to all people through football.


Transformation of individuals and communities through indigenous football outreach.

In Great Britain by 2020 we want to serve 500 churches through football in their disciple-making mission. We are currently serving 325 churches.


Football: We participate in football at all levels with passion, excellence and respect.
Church: We uphold the long-term, transformative role of the Church in the world.
Team: We identify and collaborate with others in the pursuit of shared goals.
Service: We follow the example of Jesus by leading through service and prioritising the marginalised.

Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith


Football: Playing football in communities.
Faith: Building friendships and communities to share faith.
Future: Using friendships to provide support and mentoring to help people towards a better future.

Why Football?

Football is played all over the world and has the power to bring people together, to break down barriers and build friendships.

We should not underestimate the power of sport, that changes life.” Prince Harry

“Sport has the power to change the world…” Nelson Mandela


Leadership Safeguarding Statement